Optical Scape

Federal Institute of Technology Zurich - supports the processing of spaceborne data in term of radiometric processing, image orientation to automatic Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and ortho-image generation. The key feature of this module is the DEM generation, which is based on an advanced matching algorithm. The approach uses a coarse-to-fine hierarchical solution with an effective combination of several image matching algorithms and automatic quality control. Moreover, the new characteristics provided by the latest imaging systems, i.e. the multiple-view terrain coverage and the high quality image data, are also efficiently utilized. Following functionalities are supported:
  • Radiometric processing
  • Radiometric processing
  • Sensor and trajectory models
  • Orientation of single, stereo models, triplets and blocks
  • Online quality control and error analysis
  • Ground Control Point and Tie Point measurement
  • Derivation of quasi-epipolar images for stereo mapping and feature collection
  • Automated DEM generation
  • Generation of ortho-rectified images
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Moreover, a dedicated functionality enables the fusion of DEMs derived from other techniques, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) in particular.

OPTICALscape supports following spaceborne optical sensors
  • CARTOSAT-1/2
  • SPOT-5
  • Ikonos-2
  • QuickBird-2
  • WorldView-1
  • GeoEye-1

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