Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems can acquire data in different ways, such as
  • Single or dual channel mode (for instance HH/HV or VV/VH),
  • Interferometric (single- or repeat-pass) mode,
  • Polarimetric mode (HH,HV,VH,VV),
  • By combining interferometric and polarimetric acquisition modes. Obviously, different acquisition modes are subject to different processing techniques, namely
  • Processing of SAR Intensity (The product generation is limited to the processing of intensity.)
  • Interferometric SAR Processing(The product generation includes the interferometric phase processing.)
  • Polarimetric SAR (PolSAR) Processing (The product generation includes the polarimetric phase processing.)
  • Polarimetric-Interferometric SAR (PolInSAR) Processing (The product generation includes polarimetric and interferometric phase processing.)
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  • Basic:
  • It includes a set of processing steps (e.g. multi-looking, co-registration, despeckling, single-date and multi-temporal feature extraction (including coherence), geocoding, radiometric calibration and normalization, and mosaicing) for the generation of airborne and spaceborne SAR products based on intensity and coherence.

  • Focusing
  • It supports the focusing of ERS-1/2 SAR, JERS-1 SAR, ENVISAT ASAR (including Wide Swath developed by Aresys) and ALOS PALSAR-1 data.

  • Interferometry
  • It supports the processing of Interferometric SAR (2-pass interferometry, InSAR) and Differential Interferometric SAR (n-pass interfereometry, DInSAR) data for the generation of Digital Elevation Model, Coherence, and Land Displacement maps.

  • ScanSAR Interferometry
  • It offers the capabilities to process InSAR and DInSAR data over large areas (400 by 400 km). Developed in collaboration with Aresys.

  • SAR Polarimetry and Polarimetric Interferometry
  • It supports the processing of polarimetric and polarimetric interferometric SAR data.

  • Interferometric Stacking
  • Based on Small Baseline Subset (SBAS) and Persistent Scatterers (PS) techniques, this module enables to determine displacements of individual features.

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