Visual Intelligence

Visual Intelligence LP (VI) has developed three generations of mapping and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) imaging sensor systems. VI is based in Houston, Texas, and employs a formidable technical team comprised of digital sensor specialists, software and system engineers, and certified photogrammetrists (CP), all of whom are uniquely qualified and understand the growing needs and requirements of the advanced sensor technology community.
iOne™ STKA ‘Sensor Tool Kit Architecture
  • Iris One Ortho/MS 19 kps
  • Iris One Stereo with B/H .6
  • Iris One Infrastructure Mapping System (IMS)
  • Isis Earth™ Software
  • Isis Sky™ Software
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iOne™ IMS
Based on the iOne STKA, Visual Intelligence recently launched a unique sensor technology for linear assets and infrastructure metric surveying & mapping called “iOne IMS –Infrastructure Metric-Mapping System. Read more

Iris One™ Stereo
The Visual Intelligence Iris One Stereo system is designed to achieve the performance of the film aerial cameras. The patented ARCA design uses synchronously operating camera module heads to form a single virtual central-perspective image. The modularity of the ARCA array architecture allows flexibility and scalability to meet various customer needs and applications within one single sensor system. Read more

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The iOne Infrastructure Metric-Mapping System

The iOne Sensor Tool Kit Architecture